Molecular PKPD consulting services

Strategic preclinical PKPD advice to make your drug development pipeline more efficient and enhance the value of your clinical candidates

Incorrect prediction of a compound’s pharmacokinetic profile combined with an incomplete understanding of its efficacy and safety is the leading cause for drug attrition in late preclinical and clinical phases. To enhance the predictive power of your preclinical PKPD studies, an elegant experimental state-of-the art design with a vast number of control conditions is required to minimize the influence of assay biases.

Having more than fourteen years academic and industrial experience with both in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) studies I am here to assist you with your experimental design, study coordination, and evaluation of the data. To do so, I have access to a global network of research institutes, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and contract research organizations (CROs) which can be involved.

Besides my knowledge as an European registered toxicologist (EUROTOX) and pharmacologist (EPHAR), I also have a strong background in biochemical and cellular biology, and the use of systems biology (i.e., iterations of in silico and in vitro approaches). Using these approaches, I can assist you to get enhanced insights into your compound’s mechanism of action (MOA) by a deeper understanding of their on- and off-targets (toxico- and pharmacodynamics).

Thereby, my vast preclinical experience in PKPD area allows for the support needed to bring your product forward at a faster pace, with higher quality outcomes, in a cost-effective way to maximize the potency of your compounds for clinical development.​

BENEFITSExpert insights to enhance your drug development proces and get high quality clinical candidates

Better clinical candidates

Increase the succes rate of clinical candidates by well designed an monitored preclinical PKPD studies that provide better insights into a compound’s efficiency and safety.

Streamlined efficient PKPD studies

Saves cost and time for your drug development pipeline by efficient and flexible planning of your preclinical PKPD studies.

Mechanism of action insights

Gaining insights in your compound’s mechanism of action using expert knowledge on on- and off-target exploration and target engagement.

Stronger regulatory data

Planning your PKPD studies to optimally fit your drug dossier to meet regulatory requirements.