Our Services

Subcellular label-free drug quantification
A drug's subcellular distribution is quantified using our proprietary in-house platform. Next, both free and bound drug concentrations in each cellular compartment are reported in a subcellular drug distribution profile.
Organelle membrane transporter assays
Highly purified organelles, obtained using our proprietary purification method, are at the basis of our transport assays that can be performed as in-house service or purchased as ready-to-use assay kits.
Subcellular drug distribution simulation
Our AI-powered algorithms use a compounds’ physicochemical properties to simulate its distribution into the subcellular compartments and provide an estimation membrane transporter involvement.
Strategic molecular PKPD consulting
Based on extensive academic and industry experience I provide strategic consultancy to support your preclinical PKPD challenges, including design and interpretation of key studies and involvement of appropriate partners.